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ArtsCase Talk – Alejandro Orjuela

Alejandro Orjuela Toledo is a graphic designer of the university Los Libertadores (Bogotá, Colombia). He is passionate

Alejandro Orjuela
Alejandro Orjuela

about the digital area of his profession with great interest in 3D modeling (Maya®), vector illustration (Illustrator®) and graphic game in Photoshop®.

He had the opportunity to work and demonstrate his skills in agencies such as: • MKT solutions®, • McCann Erickson Colombia® and • Santiago Palazzesi (Ilsantito) Director of Göoo® magazine in Argentina, in both personal projects, graphic and assembly assistant in the exhibition BikeFriendly (Chamber of Commerce of Bogota).

He currently works for the Colombian Army Aviation exploring new points of view of Design and taking these new experiences and knowledge into his work.

we had a short talk with him and this is what we told us

We would like to know more about you.

Alejandro:  I´m from Colombia a country placed in south America, surrounded by 2 oceans our official language it’s the Spanish, I live in the capital Bogotá, a nice place to ride in a bicycle at the summer nights, I actually work for the Aviation School of the Colombian Army as a Graphic Designer, I get creative when I’m in a calm places or when I’m with my friends and just start to talk about anything.

When did you decide you wanted to be an artist?

Alejandro: While i was studying computation engineering some time ago i used to draw illustrations in all my notebooks instead of take notes about the classes then i discovered that maths were not made for me.

Has the internet become a good or bad aspect to life as an artist?

Alejandro Orjuela


Alejandro: I think that the internet has become a good aspect to the artists life, because it brings the possibility to share our creations around the world in just a few seconds, or find references to create something new 

What do you like the most about the art world?

Alejandro:  It is nice to see how art generates feelings whether positive or negative but with the simple fact of generating it already speaks a lot about the artist and his world. On the other hand I like very much to know that people become recursive at the moment of wanting to express something, from cutting a piece of paper to forming a great hyper realistic illustration.

What is the toughest thing about being an artist?

“Relax, just that”

Alejandro: Mmm well the hardest thing is to want to innovate in something, to be able to get the ideas as you imagine them and to translate them either in the computer or in a sheet of paper but well that already goes in the process and the technique, but the pleasant thing of this definitely Is to see those final results

What’s your message to the World?

Alejandro:  Relax, just that, I feel that we need to be calmer and do what we really like, stop tying so much to things and go out to explore what we have wanted so much





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