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ArtCase Talk – Laura Grant

Laura is a freelance surface pattern designer based in the UK. She loves print, pattern and color, she has worked for several UK suppliers across a variety of products. Laura loves the variety her job gives her.

Could you tell us who are you, your professional background, and what do you do currently?

Laura Grant: I’m Laura, a freelance surface pattern designer based in the UK. After graduating with a BA Hons in Textile design and surface decoration I worked for several UK suppliers across a variety of products including greetings, home textiles and fashion accessories before going freelance.

Tell us about your art specialty, what is ‘surface’ design?

Laura Grant: I love print, pattern and colour. Being a surface designer means I get to work across lots of different products. I love the variety my job gives me. One day I’m designing patterns for pajamas, the next day gift bags and the next tea towels!


What did inspire you to specialize in this field?

Laura Grant: I have always loved to paint and draw but patterns and repeating designs are my favourite! I’m inspired by textiles from all around the world.

Do you create the Art or does the Art create you?

Laura Grant: I think it’s a bit of both…I’m sure everyone says that! When working for suppliers I was more restricted by their requirements however since becoming freelance earlier this year I feel my work is much more “me” 🙂

Is the Art important in the society, what is its function?

Laura Grant: Yes, I think it is important in society. I think when people create it is good for their happiness whether it is personal or professional.

According to you: What are the main characteristics every surface designer should have?

Laura Grant: A love of pattern and colour! Be versatile to adapt to different products and printing



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