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ArtsCase Talk – Amaya Brydon

Amaya resides in Canada’s ocean playground, Nova Scotia. She is a self-taught designer who works mainly with watercolours. She is an ocean lover and a nature addict who finds constant inspiration in the sea and her natural surroundings. Driven by a passion for bright and bold colours and nautical influences she creates work that brings a pop of colour to your world. Fill your life with colour!

We had a talk with her about her artistic life, this is what she told us:

We would like to know: How do you define yourself?

I am an ocean loving girl who is never serious and who happened to fall in love with watercolours. I’m definitely a color addict! I try to create art that cheers people up and brings bold colour combinations to their lives. Colour is a huge part of my life and I gravítate towards heavily saturated colours, especially ocean hues. Being by the ocean has  made a huge impact on my work, I find I tend to work with colours that capture the different hues of the sea.



What does painting and art mean to you?

To be honest, with being adopted art gave me something to connect to when connections with other aspects of  my life were not possible. Things didn’t make sense and still don’t, but art made perfect sense and I could get lost in the process without any bewilderment. I can remember watching my sister draw and sketch when I was a kid and I would be in complete amazement, and I knew then it was something I wanted to do throughout my life. I find creating and painting is like my comfort food when life is throwing obstacles and it gives that release. Expressing what one is thinking may be difficult to translate into words but the idea to say everything you want in a painting and not have to say a single word is what I love. Art allows that. I also love the constant evolution of the art world. Personally the process through the years is like a memory book.  I look through my work throughout time and I can remember exactly how I felt, and what I was going through in each of my pieces. I see my style change and it tells how I have changed as a person. To everyone else they see a piece and skim over it but not fully realize the emotion and circumstances behind it. That is why I love the art world because it is like a book filled with so many chapters and characters in it each telling their story without words. I also love how different artists can take an idea and process it in so many ways. I also love how art allows you to take risks and helps faciltate growth as a person.



Apart from art do you have any other hobby?

I am a huge nature addict. When I am in or around natural surroundings, whether it be near the ocean or in the forest it clears my head. I am an avid hiker and enjoy boulder climbing in my spare time. Being outside keeps me motivated, grounded, and humbled.I also admit I might collect stiletto shoes….


Why do you consider yourself a watercolor lover?


I love the life watercolors take on. I find them fascinating because they are imperfectly perfect. The imperfections in their consistency are quite stunning and are honest. Also I love the ocean and I find I tend to use sea colours, and watercolours really mimic that ocean feeling, and capture deep ocean hues.

What is your favorite art phrase?


I find as an artist we all tend to be so critical of our work. I think the idea that one’s art should look a certain way is a flaw we have created in our mind. I try to remember the quote by Salvador Dalí ” Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it ”. I think that  is one of the most honest observations that  keep me balanced in my creating process.



You can check out her designs for smartphones here!

Amaya Art


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