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ArtsCase Talk – Jay Maninang

Jay Maninang aka silenTOP is an artist from Philippines. This Architectural visualizer, graphic designer and licensed architect is descendant of the famous Philippine painter Fabián de la Rosa. Jay has worked in a variety of big projects focused on architecture,interior design, landscaping, illustration and graphic presentations.

We had a short talk with him and this is what he told us.

Can you talk to us about your artistic career?

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I came from a family of Artists, a descendant of a national Artist Fabian Dela Rosa. Since childhood I always draw everywhere, from paper to walls to paper bags which my parents use to sell lemons. Since elementary days I am a consistent winner of drawing contests. I wanted to be a popular painter. But decided to take Architecture instead. I’m a licensed Architect. An architectural visualizer and also a graphic artist. I started joining online art communities and groups since 2009.

Tell us a little bit about your art. What inspires you?

“I’m not number one, I’m the only one”, I may not always be number one, but I make sure my art to be unique and stand out with the others. Everything inspires me, it depends on my mood.

Experience is a never-ending road and surely you can tell us some examples about this. What is the most recent teaching that you have received while working in the world of art?

Yes, experience is never ending. I received teachings thru different sources like books, magazines, internet and most especially form critics.

What do you like to do when you’re feeling uncreative?

I rest, sleep, sing and bond with my kids and wife.

Three songs you always have on your playlist to design

No particular songs and genre. But I always play the songs and music of the 80’s when I’m working.

Which is your favorite piece of art from your own designs? Why?

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Arise – a winning piece for the The Dark Knight Rises contest. I was recognized and met new friends and artists from different nations.


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