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5 Habits that you must acquire to be happier.

5 Habits that you must acquire to be happier

This week is celebrated throughout the world the day of happiness, if you have no idea about this day, it is good to know that it is celebrated thanks to the UN, they instituted it from 2012 and began to celebrate it starting from 2013.
The purpose of this day is simple, to be happy in a hasty manner, it is then wanted through this celebration that individuals remember the importance of happiness in their lives, therefore, in honor of this day we want to bring you the 5 habits to be happier and more aware of yourself.
These habits have been recovered by a course established at Harvard. Nowadays, many universities in the world are being given the task of taking the individual from being, not just from doing.

1. Gratitude: Giving thanks is one of the pillars of happiness, recognizing the goodness of life, not taking things for granted, helps to receive more good things in our lives, a good technique to start implementing this habit daily it is to wake up and start our day having thoughts of gratitude, to thank the people of our environment and to end the day making a list of good things that happened to us before falling asleep.

2. To exercise: It does not matter if you do not have the time to go to a gym if you do physical activity at least 20 minutes a day your brain will take this as a good antidepressant dose, this is because when you move secrete substances like sloe, which provide a feeling of calm and pleasure in your body.

3. Cultivate relationships: Human beings are indisputably social beings, so it is so important to maintain friendly relationships throughout life, according to the course established at Harvard, with only maintaining five relationships of friendship throughout life, people will have 60 percent greater chance of feeling better, this is because friends help to reduce negative emotions.

4. Meditate: It is not a matter of trends, it is mental health and it is precisely this practice what helps to reduce stress significantly, to increase inner peace, you start it by doing it once a week.

5. The sense of purpose: When we wake up, we must have a goal that goes beyond fulfilling our daily responsibilities, finding a reason to do everything we do daily will then be the impetus to continue when things go wrong. It is time to start looking for our purpose in the world.
If you have or know another habit that helps us to be happier, tell us what it is, it will be of great use to our entire community.

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