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See the perfect Floral case for your Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 make up an elite part of the smartphone market. Their sleek design, functionality and brand power set them aside from their peers. They are also very expensive, so expensive that it protecting it a little bit more is an obviously wise decision. Especially the Apple iPhone 8 that is completely cased in glass, both front and back.

Equally, also because of the cost, you should aim to maximize the utility on the phone by beautifying it or doing any other operations that can meet that same end of getting the full value of satisfaction that you paid for. What better way to begin than to get your phone an accessory like a phone casing, first, to protect the natural look of your phone, (many a time, I have caught myself removing the phone’s casing to admire the fresh look of my iPhone 7) keeping it neat and maintaining its initial luster. These cases also serve as protection against impact, shock and scratches.

Thinking a bit more creatively though, maximizing the utility of an expensive device like the Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 might include steps to beautifying the device starting from acquiring cases for the phone. No design will be able to beat the natural look of floral Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases.

The floral designs on offer have a wide range of appearance showcasing exclusive graphic designing by artists and designers so you can find a style that matches your personality very easily. Common practice is to have a few cases at home to select one that can match your moods or chosen theme for the day. offers such a wide range of floral art cases that include the following:

Palm Banana Leaves Design

A design from Italy, my personal favorite since it provides your Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 with double protection and a slim profile. The double protection is from a dual layer of polycarbonate and silicon which secures durability and resistance to high impact, shock and scratches, with no additional weight.

The design itself is made by renowned artists and famous designers from all over the world that work to produce style in substance.

Spring Time Cherry Blossoms Design

The famous ‘Sakura’ trees have a delicate beauty that reminds one always of the effects time has on all of us. By capturing the essence of the famous tree as the chosen design for your case, you instill in your device that feeling of elegance that places you in a class of your own.


We Love Party Design

In an age where the powerful devices have settled to become tools of fashion. Display your sense of adventure and wildness. This design has the same technical makeup with the palm banana leaves as it also provides a dual layer protection of silicon and rubber. It differs in a funky style that takes advantage of its strength in a fun way. Party all you want, safe in the knowledge that your phone is safe and as spontaneous as you.



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