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Design Your Phone Case

Design Your Phone Case At

If you are tired of the standard housing of your Smartphone, then you can now put a stop to it. The place to make a beautifully personalized & protective case for virtually all available Smartphone & tablets. For your phone, everything has been taken out to create an appropriate case that fits the sleek design. Such a versatile case design is recommended twice as often; a high-quality case that fits seamlessly around your device and can also be used as storage for your bank cards. Ideal if you do not feel like carrying a wallet. Making a phone case with your print is the solution; a lot better than the time-consuming and expensive process to have your Smartphone made.

Take no risk and design a unique Phone case

Making a phone case with saves you a lot of hassle. Everyone knows it; your new Smartphone bounces back on the street, resulting in a big crack in the screen and buttons that work less well. You thought about saving by not paying a lot of insurance every month, but that is now too late. Using the design module to design a phone case for your gadget is a much better alternative. You can upload an image from your computer, Instagram or Facebook for the design that you can then customize in your way. As long as it has a maximum size of 6MB and the following format is jpg, gif or png. You can also choose a design from our design collection if you are curious how it will look like. Making a phone case for all your phone model is of course also possible!

How is your original phone case designed?

Making a phone case with us is an arrow-fast process. Once your order is confirmed, our production team will get notified, and they will immediately start working on it. Give your phone a favor and design a protective and custom fit your phone case!

How do I make my case?

Do you want to give a friend or a friend a unique gift? Or do you want to keep reminding yourself of that one unforgettable moment? Then a personalized phone case from is the ideal choice. Do you know you can easily design your phone case on our website? And of course at a very affordable price!

Handy design module for unique design cover

You can design a great phone on our website module with which you can make your dream case in a few steps. Click on the tab on the menu and select the manufacturer and model of your phone. You can now immediately start working on the composition of your design. Follow the following steps:

  1. Upload an image

Do you have a photo or another image that you necessarily want to process in the case? With one press of a button you upload the file to our design module. The image is projected directly onto the shape of the cover and can be adjusted as desired. Keep in mind that high-quality photos provide the best results.

  1. Add Instagram photos

Do you not have your photos on your computer, but on Instagram? Through our design module you can log in directly to your Instagram account to add the most beautiful photos to your case. Any effects that you have added via Instagram are included in the image in this way.

  1. Add text

As if a Smartphone case with an original image is not yet unique enough, you can also add text to your design. For example, a personal message is very nice if you give it to someone as a gift. You can set numerous options for the text, including font, color, size, and position.

  1. Choose a background color

Because the chances are that your image does not cover the entire cover, it is wise to also choose a background color. With this color the remaining space in the case is filled up. You can really choose every imaginable color here.

Customize my case


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