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15 cool arts for this Father’s Day 2017

June 18th is just around the corner and you need to choose what to give dad in his special day. For you to get it right, this year we offer you 25 of our best arts perfect for father’s day.

Let’s try not to give this year the typical cologne and the tie. Choose the perfect art that reflects your father’s style.

Here you have our compilation of the best art for those “casual” fathers who loves retro or geek style. We have arts for all tastes!

We have chosen original arts that help you to surprise him as well as classic models that never get old. What kind of dad do you have? Which of these arts suits him better?

DARTH GENTLEMAN by Sitchko Igor. Is your father a tuxedo and Star Wars fan? This art is perfect for him.


More Star Wars? Yes, please

BLOODY MEMORIES by Róbert Farkas


and SPLASH TROOPER by Sitchko Igor


Does your dad have any tattoos? Then these Winya’s arts will perfectly match his body art. This talented artist is an expert in tattoo-like arts.

AC-00009599-1 cool arts Father’s Day-1 AC-00009401-1

COOL SKULL by Balazs Solti perfectly reflects vintage style.


WHY SO SERIOUS and JOKER SIGNAL by Draco are meant to be for family’s #1 joker.



If your dad is an adventurer, he will surely like THOSE WAVES WERE LIKE MOUNTAINS by Róbert Farkas.


THE BLACK FOREST WOLF by Rui Faria, THE TUNDRA WOLF by Davies Babies and WOLF BW by Riza Peker can be associated to that wild and protector side of your dad.

ac-00018629-1 Wolf-phonecase-art1 phonecases-wolf-bw-riza-peker-2

Super Dad? We’ve got you covered with SUPER MAN’S SPLASH and IRON MAN SPLASH by Sitchko Igor

ac-00022673-1 ac-00022660-1

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