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Emojis are here to stay, take a look to this creative set

Emojis have demonstrated their visual effectiveness thanks to their communicative forcefulness. And now this set of designs confirms it.

The simple lines and flat design that characterizes the emojis are a firm statement of the value this elements have in any communication process.

Short social interactions have become a very common part of our lives. This has to do with the digital devices that are very useful to establish communication. We can appeal to visual elements that have a simple but convincing design, like emojis.

It’s not surprising that these signs and visual symbols have become a new object of visual creativity. They inspire new shapes that are part of people’s everyday life in both local and global levels.

The next set of emojis, developed by a set of graphic designers –instead of just one– integrates cultural characters and everyday elements that help to express ideas from many different angles, which turns up to be very interesting to every visual creative.

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