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The new iPhone 7

Apple has announced the launching of its new set of wireless headphones called AirPods, the Apple Watch Series 2, and of course, the awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with remarkable new features; they will include a new dual camera, a sapphire display, and will be shatter-proof and water-proof. These two are the main causes of disposing cell phones and now they are being promised to be left behind.

Thanks to the sapphire display the iPhone 7 will be scratch-resistant, it could survive a fall of 1 meter high and a dive in water up to 30 minutes. Of course all these new attributes come with a price.

However, it seems that Apple’s rival companies Samsung and Sony are always a step ahead; they have already launch their waterproof devices and with a longer resistance time to these conditions.

Still, this new step Apple has taken will have a big impact in the industry, because it will make the rest of the competence to fallow this path. Maybe soon will arrive the day when the water-proof feature become a constant instead of an exception.

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