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The new Messages App of iOS 10

Apple keep on bringing new stuff for its users. Now, with the new operating system comes several big changes on the Messages app.

The new iOS 10 allows you to delete those standard Apple apps you don’t use while designing more features of artificial intelligence and offering a much more interactive Messages app.

Now, you can brighten up the classic iOS white background of the Messages app with animations. You can choose from lasers, lightning strikes, confetti and balloons. To have access to these options, all you have to do after writing a message is pressing and holding the send button. There the effects menu will appear.


Bubble effects of this app will manipulate iMessages to be received on other iPhones. You can also change font style to “loud” or “gentle” an even use invisible ink, which will hide the content of the message until the recipient chooses to read it.

Another option you have is reacting to messages as you do in Facebook. Just press and hold the received message and you can send back thumbs up, thumbs down, a question mark, a double exclamation mark, “ha ha” or even a heart. Like in most of social networks in iMessages you can use stickers as well.

Also, iOS 10 offers a very good option for handwriting and drawing with “Digital Touch”. With it you can send animations made with your fingers.  With this app you will be able to draw while recording a video or taking a picture.

Via theinquirer

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