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Watch live through Periscope illustrators, calligraphers and painters while working Art in Periscope

A couple of days ago the web page of Periscope app launched new functions. The one that interested me the most is the possibility of seeing through the navigator of our computer the live transmission users record from their cellphones.

Among all the existing categories there is one very interesting called “art”. There we can watch live calligraphers practicing with their nibs, illustrators making drawings or painters working in their studios.

See artists working live with Periscope


It is very amusing seeing an artist working but if this artist is an expert on what he does, it is much more fun. I thought I was going to run into only absurd things in this Periscope page but I was very surprised to see so many good live transmissions of artists while working.   

The first video I saw displayed a calligrapher practicing with a nib. He was writing the letters of the alphabet and then he wrote some words with gothic letters. I think I watched this transmission for 10 minutes and was very entertaining. I didn’t expect that, so that’s why I share it in the blog.

I believe one of the reasons why these transmissions are so enjoyable is that there is a group of editors that decide which transmissions are good to go and which are not displayed. Obviously, the ones with higher quality will be broadcast and the not so good ones will be left aside.

Additionally to this option to watch art transmissions, there are transmissions where people prepare food, sing, do exercise, teach something, show travel tours, news and even people just talking.


To watch these broadcasts all you have to do is go to the Periscope webpage where three simultaneous transmissions will be shown. If you want to see one in particular in full screen, you just have to click on the video. Here is the link so you can take a look to those live transmissions.

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