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Exploring typographic works in third dimension

A designer that works creating typographies professionally, publishes in his portfolio several projects that are a sort of experiments designed in programs like Photoshop, Maxon Cinema 4D and Vray.

Among all the projects published in his portfolio some differentiate from the rest, like the one he did with the Nike logotype. As it was created in 3D it has several perspectives, so if you see it from the front it will seem to be made of staples nailed into the surface.


The name of the designer that created all these works is Wes L Cockx. He works at a studio specialized in creating typographies, graphic designs and illustrations. The name of the study is CREAM and is located in Brussels, Belgium.

Some of his works are published in the studio account in Behance that also includes other types of designs and illustrations. However, most of the works are experiments made with typographies.


There are some very interesting works that for the very reason of being experiments give the designer a lot of freedom to do odd things. Some only work if they are accompanied by many images. While being 3D typographies, they must be seen in different perspectives, even with zoom to really appreciate the details of texture.

A few months ago he shared data of one of his projects that consisted on designing a different typography for 36 days and then publishing the final result on Instagram. This designer really stood up the challenge and published all the designs he created.


The letters and numbers were made in 3D. There are some so strange that you can’t even understand which letter or number it is. Even though, it is very amusing checking out all his designs. It is a portfolio that could be very helpful for those artists that are in the search for inspiration to create their own designs. Here is the link to this portfolio.  [ Good Type ]

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