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What to do during Autumn? Apple Picking.

In ArtsCase We want to recommend you activities that you’ll really love and that you can do during Autumn. The first activity is Apple picking, what We liked about this one on particular was that is great to do it with family, friends or ever alone.

The experience.

This was actually the first time  We went apple picking that’s why before going We searched online Pumpkin patch near us, after a long searched We found the greatest Farm We’ve ever been, if you’re close to Massachusetts I totally recommend you this place… The name of the place is Tougas Family Farm, over there We had one of those days that you want to remember for ever.

So if you’re not very familiar with this particular activity keep reading.

What is apple picking?

“Apple picking is an activity found at apple farms. Apple orchards may be opened to the public, allowing consumers to pick their own apples or purchase pre-picked apples. Apple picking is often a very popular dating ritual in the American Midwest. Apple orchards catering to a family outing will provide additional activities beyond the picking of apples.

Details that you must to know.

When you arrive at Tougas Family farm the first thing you’ll do is to purchase your apple picking bag, We were a group of five and with 40$ We all entered to the orchard, and trust me the bag was pretty huge!  With your bag in hand, head to our wagon ride place to take the next wagon ride out to the orchard where you will find thousands of apple trees. Dwarf trees make it is easy for anyone to pick apples at the farm; with many of the branches close to the ground, even young children can get in on the adventure.

Once in the orchard.

A guide will direct you to the rows that are available for picking. Make sure you only pick apples in the designated rows because you don’t want to pick unripened apples mistakenly.

While in the orchard you can eat as many apples as you like. after the apple picking you can enjoy the rest of the evening eating Cider donuts and coffee and enjoying this awesome place.

Here you can find some pictures from that day, I went with my family and I’ll totally go back in the future!


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