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Zombie Yoga Lesson for this Halloween Monday

If you’re getting a little bored during work, maybe you could consider to have a lesson of Zombie Yoga. Today is Halloween and also the perfect day to give this classes a try.

As part of the #InkToberchallenge, husband and wife duo Kozyndan present us this series of illustrations called ‘The Grateful Walking Dead’. Each day they have uploaded a different drawing.

The series is composed by several humorous images where the undead perform challenging yoga positions with hilarious descriptions.

Take a look to these funny drawings:

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One of those ideas that we had years ago (maybe 4 years ago now) but dragged our feet on getting around to, is this series of #yogazombie drawings. We started drawing them maybe 2.5 years ago but never got around to painting in the color. #inktober seems a good excuse to bang out a bunch of this series of gruesome #asana which @kozykitchens cleverly calls "The Grateful Walking Dead" (yes there IS a Jerry Garcia one drawn up already). Anyway, it's been done already (and pretty well by another illustrator, much to our dismay), but we have had about 20 of these lying in our flat file for the last few years, so we ought to get them finished. Maybe we'll put a zine together. #downwarddog #asana #yoga #zombie #yogazombies #TheWalkingDead #TheGratefulwalkingDead #adhomukhashvanasana #ink #acrylic #drawing #painting

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