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4 creatives that are rock stars on Instagram

Being creative is not a bad career for those who make an effort to have their own style. This is what these four professionals demonstrate with their own studios while being a source of inspiration for many. Surely you already know some of them that have an outstanding resume.


Jessica Walsh


She is a designer and art director that works as a member of the design company Sagmeister & Walsh in New York. She gives conferences about design at universities worldwide. She also teaches design and typography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work has won numerous awards from notable design competitions as Type Director’s Club, Art Director’s Club, SPD, Print, New York Festivals, D&AD, TDC Tokyo, Graphis and many more. She currently has 279k followers on her Instagram account.


Stefan Sagmeister


He is a graphic designer and director of Austrian art. He founded Sagmeister Inc in 1993 in New York. He has been nominated five times to the Grammy Awards and finally won one with the Talking Heads set-box. He has 155k followers.

rock stars on Instagram

Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien5

He is a French illustrator that has portrayed in his numerous works our addiction to technology and specifically to cellphones, those devices that many of us can’t live without. You can take a look to the design the artist created in some porcelain plates that will make you laugh. He has 652k followers.

Jean Jullien6


Rachel Ryle

Rachel Ryle

She is an animator, illustrator and screenwriter. She currently has 1 million followers. In her account you’ll find 15 seconds funny stories. Take a look at her work and notice her style of work.

Rachel Ryle5

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