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What is Canva and why should we use it?

Today we’ll talk to you about a program that surely will help you to develop all your creative abilities. Actually, with this wonderful program anybody can design. This tool puts the power of designing in your hands.

Many times we sing up in different courses of image editing and we end up knowing a lot of theory but very little practice. We learn a huge number of functions but we still get lost sometimes. But don’t worry, you’ll see how Canva will help you to design in a very easy way.

Canva is a program that allows you to create any kind of online document in a practical and intuitive way. It’s targeted to both people that know how to use image editors and also those people that have less experience with this kinds of software.

We could say that its most appealing feature is the templates with specific sizes for social media, so if you don’t know what size are the images on Twitter or Facebook, Canva makes it easy for you with predetermined templates that adapt to the most common sizes of any social network.

The best thing is that Canva is a completely free program and all that it takes is to register to start developing ideas. It also has additional content for a small fee, but with your free membership you can accomplished great results.

How to start?


The first thing to do is register free of charge in, you can enter HERE. We can sign up in one of two simple ways:

  1. Register with an email and a password. Then we have to wait for an email to confirm our register and start to use Canva.
  2. Another option is to sign in with our Facebook or Google Plus account (recommended)

Main Functions:

Here we present you the main functions with a small description but we would like you to try them yourself.

Photographic effects: Canva puts the images completely straight, it adjusts the picture the way you want, it adds text to pictures, it creates text balloons that speak for you in the picture, it attenuates the pictures, enhances any photogram, it has defocus effects and many other functions.

Free icons: fill your infographics with icons, quickly create icon signalization, join icons and text in your corporative documents, improve your designs with social media icons, etc.

Vignetting: take this effect to social network and apply vignetting to your memories.

Picture frame effect: pick from a ton of frames that adapt to any design, strengthen your designs, try frames with different shapes, and get inspiration from the best frames.

Defocus your photos: quickly defocus a picture with the sliding effect, slightly defocus the photograph to provide a fine and charming touch, defocus the image background, and combine different elements of defocus.

Stickers: choose from numerous personalized stickers, liven up your vacations photos, retouch the design grids with stickers, change the shade with stickers and photographic filters.

Canva’s grids: let your imagination fly with these grids, select a design to retouch it, apply tone and contrast, add text to frame the context and narration, use the grids to tell a story.

Design Formats


With Canva you can create designs in any format you can think of.

Here we show you a list with the most outstanding ones:

  • CD covers
  • Banners
  • Book covers
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Cards
  • Gift checks
  • Infographics
  • Letterheads
  • Magazine covers
  • Photo collages
  • Post cards
  • Posters
  • Displays
  • Social media images

 As you can see there are a great number of free functions.

School of Design


And if that was not enough, this great tool has a school of design that teaches you in a simple way the basic principles of graphic design, from color combination, typographies and the good use of this tool resources. A section on their webpage that has no waste. If you want to improve your design criteria you just have to log in and start learning to design.


With no doubt Canva has carved a niche in the world of web apps thanks to its practical and intuitive way of teaching design. It is targeted to people with no previous knowledge of image editing that want quick and professional solutions. With Canva you have all you need for an astonishing design.

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