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5 Tips to stimulate creativity

Creativity is the capacity of creating and producing new and valuable things; is the way your brain works to get to new conclusions and solve problems in an original way.


Creativity is not a heavenly gift some are born with and others without. Yes, you too can be creative. Creativity is a capacity common to all humans, maybe it is that thing that makes us human (anthropologists call it “cognitive influence”).


This doesn’t mean you can “automate” it because real creativity needs an element of spontaneity to develop. It also bases on the knowledge, experience and practice. It can’t be calculated. There always has to be an element of inspiration.


If you want to give it a try and become more creative, take a look at these five tips we have selected to stimulate creativity.  

Encourage your curiosity: don’t assume you’ve seen it all; keep an “interrogation” attitude; always ask “why?”, behave again as a child that wants to get to know his/her surroundings.

COPY, COPY, COPY! Don’t let them fool you, pure originality doesn’t exist; all, absolutely all comes from something else. So don’t be scare to copy what you like, especially when you’re starting. All great artists have began by emulating their idols. We’re not encouraging you to plagiarize, but to re-configure, to gather several references and blend them into something else. It’s all a remix!

Experiment: try new things, and if they don’t work, try others. Try to solve problems in different ways. Try to develop a linear thinking; in other words, try to see things from different angles.

Reading a lot is not enough. You need to broadening your reading: remember that a big part of creativity is getting to know things and blending them later in new ways

Wash the dishes! Yes, yes, as you read it. Do boring and repetitive activities like doing the dishes or ironing your clothes. Your brain will have the time and stimulation it needs to switch on its machinery and find great ideas it overlooked when you’re all stressed out doing stuff during the day.

These are our recommendations, but each master has their own book, so don’t hesitate to share with us other tips you use to boost your creativity 🙂

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