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Bad news for Pokémon Go!

Bad news!!

The game of the summer Pokémon Go is not having a good time apparently, the popularity of Niantic’s reality augmented game has started to decline considerably. But that’s not all, Pokémon Go traffic has also been affected lately, loosing over 12 million of players this month.

It is well known that nothing last forever, and this is a true fact even for Pokémon Go, even when its release was such a worldwide phenomenon with an estimate of 45 million users in mid-July. The question that many people asked was if Niantic could keep the game as strong as it was at the moment of its launch, and this is definitely the answer they were looking for. Nevertheless this is not the end of the game we need to keep in mind that it has not being released in many other countries; a clear possibility of increasing those rates.

All this information was published by Bloomberg based on some charts by Axiom Capital Management, where it is clearly reflected the considerable drop, the sudden decline could be linked to some reasons: the first one, the lack of enthusiasm for augmented reality games, and the second one is related to the unattractive updates offered, so definitely many users have simply lost interest in Pokémon Go because they consider it as monotonous.

Something sure is that Pokémon Go is the hit of the summer, and it has earned the title of the biggest mobile game in the history of United States. Now Niantic should focus on planning an epic ending to the game as big as its start; that way Pokémon Go will remain in history as an undeniable success.



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