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5 tips to photograph architecture and interior spaces

One of the objects most required of photography are the property spaces, which between exteriors and interiors require certain technique specifications to look properly.
Now we introduce some recommendations you need to consider at the moment of generate this kind of photography, they can give you a lot of experience and they will allow you to make great shots.
1- Sunrise or Sunset, never at midday.
Depending on the position of the place, select the sunrise or the sunset because the architectonic space receives direct light horizontally. It’s at that moment when you should take your shot. At midday on the contrary, you find inadequate shadows that will deform the visual structure of the property’s elements.


2- Avoid contrasts.
It is well known that in some shots, especially outside, the contrasts are interesting; inside you do need to play with your camera resources to find the perfect light. Play with exposure times, the iris diaphragm aperture and sensitivity of photos to get all elements visible at frame.

3- Right Height.
For inside the most convenient shots should be the ones made at the height of a person. For exteriors you can make other kind of shots. Like low-angle shots, mostly if we talk about buildings.


4- Field depth
Another aspect related to iris diaphragm aperture is the depth of the field, which is convenient to give the feeling of space to the place to photograph.

5- Interiors and exteriors in good conditions
Sometimes properties photography need images that show impeccable characteristics, clean with no imperfections due to the passing of time

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