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Top 10 designers in Behance

Behance is the perfect place to find new works and artists all well as creative inspiration. This site offers such a wide range of designers that it results to be a little difficult to select just a few. However, we have gathered some of the best web designers, illustrators and graphic designers. Take a look:

1. Chris Wang


Chris Wang was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Today he works and live in Los Angeles, California. He has been hired to work with Microsoft, Lionsgate, Universal Pictures and the History Channel.


He has an incredible ability to create fascinating web designs for X-Men: First Class, The Adjustment Bureau and this particularly colorful offering for The Lorax.

2. Robbin Cenijn


At the beginning of his career Robbin Cenijn dedicated himself to motion graphics and video. Currently, he has become a dedicated specialist on interactive art-direction and design. He works as a design director at DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam.


Also, Cenijn is part of the judging panel of the FWA and Mobile FWA since January 2011.

3. Ricky Burgess


Ricky Burgess is works for Traffic Digital and is a specialist in websites, mobile and iPad apps. He has a fresh approach to web design that captures the essence of illustration with original color schemes.

You can check out his web design ‘Life in my Shoes’. The attention to detail is amazing.c8906b9517811-5602e27ca86af

4. Minga Firm


Minga Firm is an Argentinian company consider as a laboratory of ideas. They bring together a multidisciplinary team that offers inventive efficient and immediate solutions with playful designs


5. Nicole Martinez


Nicole Martinez is an art director and designer based in Boston, USA. Her designs are adorable images of cute characters and pop culture icons. Also, she has a series of ‘nerdy’ illustrations with irresistible and adorable faces.


6. Glenn Jones


Coming from Auckland, New Zealand, Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator with more than 19 years of experience. After having worked with T-shirt Company Threadless, Glenn began to create his very own range of T-shirt designs.


7. Gediminas Pranckevicius


The portfolio from Lithuanian illustrator Gediminas Pranckevicius is all about quality over quantity. With only a handful of projects, all of his pieces are as eye-catching as this genius ‘Time’ illustration. One of the best things about this artist is the range of styles he uses. He creates from cute cartoons to dark, sci-fi inspired artwork.


8. Michael Kutsche


If you take a look at this German artist’s portfolio you will see it’s not hard to believe he has won awards for his illustrative work. While being a specialist in character design, his imaginative creations have lead him to work on numerous feature films, including Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Kenneth Branagh’s Thor and Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and



SAINER is an illustrator established in Lodz, Poland. His work is beautifully abstract and is often showcased on the walls on his hometown in huge, inspiring fashion. He mainly focuses on character design, using a whole host of color and quirky styles.


10. Oscar Ramos


If character illustration is your thing, then you should definitely check out Oscar Ramos’ awe-inspiring portfolio. This guy is a master of creating amazingly expressive characters and portraying emotion in his work. The amount of detail in his illustrations will keep you fascinated for hours.


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