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ArtsCase Talk – Martina

Martina is a professional freelance illustrator and concept artist from Czech Republic. She specializes in modern, feminine illustrations, working in all areas including advertising, packaging, editorial and design. She has illustrated more than 20 books and her clients include many renowned book publishers, magazines and big brands from all over the world, like L’Oréal, Mary Kay, Avon, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, Shape and InStyle, and many more. Martina uses a variety of media, both traditional and digital, blending vector work with old fashioned hand drawing and watercolors. She has many experiences in typography, a great sense of style, and valuable technical skills in design.

We had a short talk with her and this is was what she told us.

We would like to know more about you. For instance, where are you from? Where do you currently live?

Martina: I’m a lifestyle illustrator and a globetrotter. I’ve studied fashion design, worked for several glossy magazines, lived in 7 different countries. I’ve illustrated more than 20 books, worked with many magazines and many renowned brands worldwide, including L’Oréal, Mary Kay and Avon. I’m dreaming of visiting Korea and having my own big studio that I can keep creatively messy all the time…

How would you describe your style?

Martina: Feminine and modern. Artsy and commercial at the same time. Elegant and pretty, vibrant and inspiring. Simply stylish!

What tool is indispensable for you when designing?


Martina:  Pen and paper.

Do you prefer to use digital resources or design only by hand?

Martina:  I use variety of media to create my work. I usually make a very rough sketch with pencil, then I play with details using markers, colored pencils or watercolors or I edit it on computer and then add some special handmade details to the final image. When I have enough time, I just love to experiment.

Any advice for those artists that want to do fashion illustrations?

Martina: Draw a lot, experiment with different styles and media, be creative and don’t be afraid to be different. And get some marketing education if possible, because no art school will ever teach you the things you really need in real life.

photography by martinaillustration


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