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How to install #artscase strong shield glass in one minute! and why you need one for you.

In ArtsCase we know you can find your self dropping your phone every single day, or that you can have had broke your phone screen more than once that’s why we’ve created this article especially  for you!

Here is the first thing you need to know, What is a Strong shield glass?

Our Strong Shield Glass is made by heating the glass under extreme temperature, then rapidly cooling it in a controlled treatment process to increase its strength. This type of glass consists of multiple layers of material, usually composed of an absorbent silicone coating, anti-shatter film, tempered glass and oleo phobic nano coating. All these layers are compressed into one scratch and heat resistant material that is up to five times stronger than a normal glass.

What about the benefits of This Type of Glass?

It last longer

Tempered glass is stronger than plastic screen protectors. Our strong shield glass protectors are scratch-resistant and can absorb shock when you drop your phone. They are about 0.3 0.5mm in thickness and is designed to crack instead of your actual phone screen after being dropped.

It Looks better, it feels better!

Tempered glass screen protectors feel similar to your actual phone screen. Your finger will slide more easily on a glass protector than a plastic protector.

It’s Easier to Clean

Since it’s glass, it’s easy to remove fingerprint grease and oils that are on the screen. A soft cloth can easily remove oil, grease, dirt, and dust.

It’s Easy to Install

If you have ever installed a plastic screen protector, then you know it can be difficult. Plastic screen protectors can peel easily and leave those annoying air bubbles under the film. Tempered glass is easier to install and goes on more smoothly. You will have to make sure the screen is properly cleaned before application.


1. Prepare your phone.

Open your ArtsCase  protector package and set everything up. You should have in your package an alcohol wipe and a microfiber cloth in addition to the glass protector. Make sure your Phone is turned off.

2. Clean your screen.

This is a very important step,  otherwise your glass protector will capture whatever’s on your Phone screen. Use the alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean your screen, and then use the microfiber cloth to give it one last polish.

3. Remove the protective layer by aligning the glass

Pull out the actual glass protector by aligning the glass, this way is easier to not leave a fingerprint on the surface.

4. Carefully press It on

Once the glass protector has been properly aligned, carefully lay it down on the screen. If you make a mistake and the glass looks off-kilter, you can gently lift it up and realign it. Then, once the protector is on the screen, give it a soft press in  the corner and allow the adhesive surface to grip to the screen naturally.

5. Final touches


A Strong shield Glass with a Phone Case?

When you cover your phone with good protection your’re providing  longer life to your smartphone, plus you’ll be completely safe when it drops and it would look stunning with one of our designer phone cases made by artists from all around the globe!

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