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7 curiosities about color

Many times we talk about color, especially about its use in design, its possibilities and combinations, and even how it can help us to get a specific objective when using its psychology.

We never get tired of saying that each color represents a specific feeling or emotion. They are intrinsic to one another and most people perceive this correlation, so we should benefit from it.

We have discussed each color separately and in our quick color guide you can see a summary. Today we will talk about the curiosities of its use and how in our everyday life we use those sensations transmitted by colors in our benefit to make our lives simpler. There are many ordinary objects that have a specific color, and we are so used to them we don’t even think about the reason of their color.

Let’s see some examples of objects with a specific color and the reasons why that color was chosen. Shall we?

  1. Why are New York cabs yellow?


When we think of a New York taxi we always remember the famous yellow cabs. It’s a very curious fact that has expanded to many other cities. The answer is very simple, yellow is one of the most striking colors, it represents illumination and optimism. Very few particular cars are yellow, so in a street this color stands out.

In fact, most signals that alert about something are yellow, so if we can have this work in our favor, why not to?

  1. Why are the theater curtains usually red?

    Red theater curtain isolated on white background

We know red represents fire and passion, so this warm sensation is used in theaters to magnify a great reception. You go to the theater but feel like home, your interest awakens…

Also, this color plays very good with lights because warm colors increase that feeling.

  1. Colors help to determine the weight of an object


Unconsciously, colors may change our perception about the weight of an object. A darker color will make us think the object is heavier while a lighter color will do the opposite.

This resource is specially exploited in design and illustration to distribute weights and help to center the focus on what we want.

  1. The colors of bills


Although in the US all bills are green because this color is the most resistant to dissolvers and therefor harder to counterfeit, in most countries the color of each bill is different. The reason for this is to make forgery more difficult and also to help people with some level of analphabetism to differentiate them. It’s a way to remove a barrier and make it easier to comprehend for everybody.

  1. Why surgeons wear green?


There are different versions that can complement each other. On one hand, green is the opposite of red, so it’s a good color the clear sight during the long hours in the operation room. Also, green is the color of nature and inspires tranquility.

As well, it’s good to keep in mind that blood stains look brown in a green surface, so it’s not that striking as if they wear white uniforms.

  1. Why are almost all post services in the world yellow?


This dates back from the first family that dedicated to hand out mail. Their coat or arms was yellow and they used it in all their corporative emblems. Although gradually the post service was taken on by the governments its color didn’t change and endures to the date in many countries.

  1. Why are school boards Green?


We own the change of color from black to green to the French. They noticed that black got the students down while green kept them with a more positive attitude.

Green is the color of hope and if you’re going to be staring at something it better be green than black.

We hope you liked this post. It’s just a little sample, there are many other cases, so if you have one to share, let us now!

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