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Student wins NatGeo photo contest with an iPhone 6s

An image that fascinated everybody in the international contest

A graduate student from the Chinese University of Hong Kong received lots of compliments and a distinction from National Geographic for a picture she took with an iPhone 6s.

Kira Waison Lee is currently specializing in Japanese studies, but when she’s not in class or studying, she’s taking pictures. That’s how she almost by accident captured the picture of her friend standing in the street after a rain and created a surrealistic work.

The image is being called the “Girl that travels through time and space”.

The picture is magnificent and has won a place in the finals of the National Geographic International Photo Contest 2016 in the People category. The ceremony took place on November 26 and Kira won third place in her category. It is a great accomplishment because 1191 pictures participated and this photo was taken with a smartphone.


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