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Summer & leather boots

Summer & leather boots?

You might think this is the weirdest thing ever, but don’t forget fashion is like a chameleon and never stop changing. Lately celebrities around the world and fashion bloggers have proved that leather boots can match perfectly with summer outfits.  Even though the idea of wearing something specially made for cooler seasons sounds kind of crazy, if you wear them with socks everything will be alright with your feet. So we encourage you to say good bye to your gladiators’ sandals and to stop thinking that boots are exclusive for fall and winter.

Probably now you are wondering how could your boots be part of your summer style, don’t worry it is not a big deal you can easily wear them with light tights, leggings, blowing dresses and obviously the safe bet with  a good pair of jeans or just shorts.

These are just a couple of ideas that can work ,but always remember that it is your style and the final decision on what to wear or not is up to you, because the world of fashion has not specific boundaries, which means you are free to wear what makes you feel comfortable. The greatest thing about wearing your fall/winter boots in summer is that you don’t have to expend a lot of money trying to have great outfits for this season; you have everything you need to be stylish in your own closet, so think twice before giving up on leather boots for the warm season.

Nevertheless, if you love the idea of wearing boots and you want to go further with this trend, go ahead and pick western style boots, they can be wear all year round but they look especially great in summer. Cowgirl boots pair perfectly with almost anything as skirts or dresses, they will give a lighter look to your clothing. Another important detail about boots is that they offer you more support than flat sandals especially ankles boots, besides your legs will attract all the attention simultaneously.

In conclusion, from now on try to leave the status quo behind; summer and boots can start being a perfect couple to you. Leather boots make you look distinguished and fresh no matter how crazy it sounds and also they offer protection and comfort.

Keep in mind that sometimes things make no sense but somehow they work. And if a fashion trend allows your personality and style match, then it will be worth the change.

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